E-Schwing - the ultimate Hot or Warmliner

• Span 2.23m (88’’)
• Length 1.225M (48”)
• Aerofoil Sections: Wing JH35, 8%. Tail JHSYM10 10% symmetrical
• AUW 1.7kg
• Standard lay up: Heavy glass wing and carbon reinforced fuselage
• Ballast provision approximately 0.3kg
• Motors/Gearboxes: Inrunner or outrunner @ 27mm diameter
• Batteries: up to 3

As a natural progression from the Sailplane version, the new E Schwing is a medium sized package with cool, sleek lines that brings sheer performance to new and very exciting levels. With its huge battery capacity and removable motor/nose assembly, the new E-Schwing can be configured as a “Motor assisted Glider” through to a REALLY HOT 2.5-3kw+ Rocket ship. Schwing E takes all of the good design points of the sailplane version then reintroduces them in a cool slimline package for the Volts type!

We have some really top test pilots lines up for this little fireball so we’ll keep you informed!
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