The Aresti 108” (2.75M) —A Monster sized Aerobatic Sloper (Available end of 2013)

• Span: 108” (2.75M)
• Length: 1.68M
• Wing Aerofoil: JH10SYM
• Tailplane Aerofoil: JH10SYM
• Controls: Rudder, Elevator, Ailerons, & Flaps
• Ballast provision: 1.0KG+ in wings and fuselage
• Weight: TBA

At last, its here, a big highly agile slope aerobatic plane that will do the big air manoeuvers, plus VTPR stunts in one cool package. Aresti 108” is the latest development of the now classic Vector III aerobatic sailplane a design I did in 1986!
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Aresti Master Fuselage half. I’m 6 feet tall (1.83M)…
It’s a monster!
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Aresti 2M
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Also coming soon!
• Aresti “Dayson” – a “scaley” fuselage to use with the Aresti 108” wing/tail set.
• “3M hotliner” (As yet unnamed) a 3 metre Electric mega power cloud blaster.
• “F3F” (As yet unnamed) - a new and radical F3F plane.